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Understanding Classes and What Classes need Prerequisites Jason Hamilton – Silversmithing classes: DO NOT require any Prerequisites – He will teach you everything you need to know Heather Ferman: Glass Blowing Beads has a Prerequisite of Glass Blowing Ornaments Silver classes require Beginning Silver as a prerequisite Russ Fisette: Silver classes all Require Beginning Silver as a Prerequisite Dixie Murphy / Anne Acker: PMC Pendant with cabochon set after firing has prerequisites. * One is beginning silversmithing * Any beginning PMC class Cabbing is a prerequisite for all Inlay Classes and all Intarsia Classes ALL OPEN SILVER CLASSES require Beginning Silver (in the past these classes were called Silver 'A' & Silver 'B') Also - Intro to Soldering has been removed from the class structure. The present Silver Instructors will cover that in the first part of a Beginning Silver Class If you plan on working alone (however, there must always be at least two people in the building if you are going to work on the Cabbing Machines or with the Torches) on your own project using the Silversmith Equipment or Cabbing Equipment – however, you must be Certified in Silversmithing and/or cabbing
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