The cutting and polishing of the surface of a gemstone into a distinctive, and specifically proportioned, pattern of flat panels, or “ facets”. This is done with the intention of increasing the stone’s reflection

of light and its brilliance.


Homer Barrs

Debbie Lowe

Bill Poland

Attention All Faceters -- Beginners and Beyond


A special project is in the works. Plans for a faceting display case to

exhibit our talents at the JGMS 30th Annual Show in September are underway.

Our theme is: "Beautiful Gems Cut from Everyday Items".


We plan to display an array of faceted stones along with an item, a picture, or description

of what each was cut from. Examples include various manufactured items such as:

glass bottles, marbles, broken plates or crystal,

much of this material is found in our

faceting cabinet.


We need a minimum of twelve faceted stones, but hope for at least twenty

to display. Perfection is not our goal, we want to spread the FUN we

experience in Faceting, and the beauty hidden in simple glass items.


Please Sign Up to enter your work in our display case.

A sign-up sheet is located in the Faceting Room.


Requirements are simple:

a stone cut in your choice of pattern, along with a sample picture

of the material used. A written description will accompany each entry.

All faceted items will be available for pickup

at the first meeting in October.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




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