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Zinio - Digital Magazines


What is Zinio?


Zinio is a service offered by the Jacksonville (Florida) Public Library that allows users to download and read many popular magazine titles. Users can subscribe to titles and enjoy reading them on desktops, laptops, or tablet computers.


To use Zinio, library users will need to register on the Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) website with their library card number and on the Zinio website.


NOTE: This one-time registration process is most easily completed on a laptop or desktop computer. After registration, the Zinio app may be downloaded and used on most tablet computers.


1. To begin, use a computer to access the JPL homepage ( Click on E-Books and More and then on Zinio. This will open the JPL Zinio homepage. Click on the Zinio banner to launch the service.


2. On your first visit, click "Create New Account" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Enter you library card number in the box that pops up and click Next.


3. Enter your name, email address and create a new password for this account. Your email address will serve as your login ID. Be sure to write down your password. Click "Create Account" to continue. You may now browse through and select any of the magazines the Jacksonville Public Library has to offer. When you find a title you would like to check out, click the cover image and click "Complete Checkout".


4. When you have found a title you would like to check out, click on the cover image and "Complete Checkout". You will be forwarded to the Zinio website. Re-enter the name, email and password you used to create your JPL Zinio account. This will become your log-in for the Zinio website.


NOTE: If you are already a Zinio user, click on the "Sign in Here" link to use your existing account.


5. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your new "Reading List" page. Any issue you have previously checked out will be available here. Click on one of the cover images to open the Zinio Reader.


In the future, log-in at to read magazines you have previously checked out.


6. Your magazine will download and you will be able to read it in window or full screen mode. Click anywhere on the page to zoom in. Some titles have enhanced content like videos and animation.


7. Navigation and options are located at the bottom of the page. You may also click on the right or left side of the screen to turn pages.


8. A Zinio app is available for most tablet computers. Visit the JPL Zinio page and look near the bottom of the page to find links to various apps. Apple and Android devices can find the Zinio app in their respective app stores. Once downloaded, log-in with the email and password you used above. Magazines checked out through the above process can be downloaded and read on the tablet.


If you need assistance with the registration process, follow the links for Help on the JPL Zinio page or on the Zinio website. In addition to troubleshooting guides, customer support is also available.


NOTE: Zinio digital magazines checked out through thelibrary's website are free to enjoy. However, many other titles are available for download through the Zinio website and app. These are not free and the user assumes responsibility for any costs.


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